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From My Heart
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Strawberry Candy And A Smile

Written By Jim Thompson 10/18/01

Every school day there was a smile
As we'd ride the bus for a while
Six miles to school just a trot
But to us young ones it seemed a lot

We were best friends in school and out
On the weekends we'd always hangout
I'd walk a mile to the trailer park
But mom always said,
"Please be home before dark"

Armed with a piece of strawberry candy
He could make friends with anybody
Me I was the one who was shy
He'd let me tag along
Never would say bye

He fixing motors and moving parts
He even liked riding go-carts
His friendship was way beyond measure
If I'd only knew I'd spent more time
That I could now treasure

He was taken much too early
I still miss him so
Best buddies forever
I hope he does know
Though he's gone I believe
He watches out for me
With a smile and strawberry candy
Safe I know I'll be

In Memory of Craig Wade 1968 - 1983
          Best Friends Forever

At The Cross, At The Foot

From book of poems
titled "Under A Quicksilver Moon"
Library of Congress

Written By James K. Thompson Jr. 2/15/01

At the cross there is a river
Where the blood still flows through
At the cross Christ was the giver
Nothing for me and you to do
At the cross at the foot
There is room for you

At the cross it was finished
God's great Salvation Plan
At the cross Jesus gave his life
For this wicked sinful man
At the cross at the foot
Forgiven I stand

At the cross at the foot
I will always stay
At the cross at the foot
There I know I can pray
At the cross at the foot
Through His grace I'm saved

At the foot
You'll look up and see Jesus
At the foot
You've already climbed the hill
At the foot
There's room for whosoever will